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During EDD’s one and two week programs, participants work with highly skilled artists from across the country and build a unique relationship with Eisenhower Dance Detroit, Michigan’s premier contemporary dance company. Both intensives include daily technique classes, lectures, choreographic composition, and a variety of performance opportunities. On-campus* housing is available for easy access to our facilities. *NewDANCEfest only


EDD intensives feature choreography seminars and discussion forums to motivate dancers to experiment with their own movement vocabulary in an open and supportive environment. Through creative engagement with one another, young artists learn to hone their choreographic skills and build confidence in their individual creative language. Explore and unveil your authentic artistic voice! #Unbound


The rigor of performing multiple works during the intensives develops the young dancer’s stylistic versatility and ability to work well with different choreographers, skills required of professional dancers. The intensives’ dynamic roster of master teachers and choreographers creates a specialized setting promoting accelerated growth. Through technique class, lectures, and mentorship, participants gain valuable knowledge and skills necessary for a career as a professional.