Choreographer: Christian Denice
Running Time: 12 minutes
Dancers: 6



Choreographer: Darrell Grand Moultrie
Running Time: 5 minutes
Dancers: 2



Choreographer: Stephanie Pizzo
Running Time: 19 minutes
Dancers: 9



Choreography: Joshua Manculich
Running Time: 7 minutes
Dancers: 4



Arc delves into the repressive nature of labels within our society, how they affect our sense of identity and what it means to overcome the judgements that challenge us from revealing who we really are.

Choreography: Stephanie Pizzo
Running Time: 75 minutes
Dancers: 12



| The Wilding

In this powerfully stated work, the conflict of gang violence is brought to light through unrelenting leadership. Our habitual flaws are portrayed by the inability to overcome societal pressures through moral resistance. The Wilding derived from the term “wilding,” which refers to the idea that people often do things in a group that they wouldn’t do by themselves.

Choreography: Laurie Eisenhower
Running Time: 16 minutes
Dancers: 7


| Cues

Cues comes to life with perpetual circling of rhythm and motion.  Though it comes with uncertainty, finding solidarity from others comes from exuding blind trust. 

Choreography: Joshua Peugh
Running Time: 20:00 min
Dancers: 7


| Paradigm

Driven by an influx of sweeping momentum, Paradigm thrives on the cognitive framework of being immersed, then swiftly retreating, from worldliness. 

Choreography: Biara
Running Time: 11:00
Dancers: 8


| Sweet Complaint

Sweet Complaint is a dramatic depiction of loss and recovery; how one searches for solace and finds comfort in the support of others.

Choreography: Edgar Zendejas
Running Time: 16 minutes
Dancers: 5


| Surge

Strength and unwavering determination are necessities to revitalizing life in each of us. Like the original electronic music created for the work, Surge manifests an internal beat that sparks a tireless momentum through us that perseveres.

Original composition and collaboration with world renown techno artist Aaron Siegel.

Choreography: Stephanie Pizzo
Running Time: 18:30 minutes
Dancers: 8-12


| BachRach

BachRach envelops you into a musical soirée of times past. Some coy encounters and romantic gestures can lead to a playful spree.

Choreography: Meg Paul
Running Time: 12 minutes
Dancers: 7


| Danzon

Danzon leaves you feeling flirtatious with sultry tête-à-têtes and a vibrant, latin sound. The orchestral crescendo drives each successive encounter to a lively finish.

Choreography: Stephanie Pizzo
Running Time: 9 minutes
Dancers: 8


| Taking Back

Taking Back challenges the willpower within a person to recover the aspects of life once lost. In the face of losing who you are, you push back against the forces of defeat to regain perspective of your individuality. 

Choreography: Stephanie Pizzo
Running Time: 10 minutes
Dancers: 6-8