The Spirit of Sara Scholarship is in honor and remembrance of Sara Guenther. Sara was a beautiful dancer, gifted academic, strong leader, and all around inspirational young woman. During her time as a Center Dance Ensemble Dancer at EDE Center for Dance, Sara was one of the hardest workers but also demonstrated a regard and joy for making other people around her feel happy and included. She was always the person to help others without being asked. Sara was a natural born leader and this trait was exemplified in all that she did throughout her much too short life. Sara's spirit was one that could be characterized as being kind, joyful, spunky, and ambitious. The Spirit of Sara Scholarship exists to honor Sara through other students who exemplify the traits that made Sara the unforgettable dancer, person, and leader that she was. This student will be nominated by their teacher strictly based on the above qualifications rather than a talent based evaluation. The hope is that Sara's spirit is able to live on through the awarded student and that her influence and legacy will never be forgotten. 

The Spirit of Sara Scholarship was established by
Lila Weinstein McDowell and Debi Weinstein.

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