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Eisenhower Dance Detroit Youth Ensemble (EDDYE) was founded in 2016 under the direction of Molly McMullen with strong support and guidance from the Eisenhower Dance Detroit professional company and organization. Eisenhower Dance Detroit was created in 1991 and boasts a long-standing reputation as Michigan’s premier contemporary dance company under founding Artistic Director, Laurie Eisenhower. This mission of EDDYE is to provide aspiring students the highest caliber of dance education with a unique training environment in preparation for future professional careers in dance.  Molly’s extensive ballet training and experience as a professional dancer help shape these young dancers into sharp, strong technicians with the connectivity and power of a contemporary dancer utilizing the fundamentals of the Eisenhower philosophy.

In their first year, EDDYE was invited to share the stage performing a work of their own within the Eisenhower Dance Detroit professional performances, a tradition the pre-professional company holds in high esteem. With this opportunity, the pre-professional company gains exposure to some of Detroit’s largest dance audiences as well as on some of the highest acclaimed stages.

Annually, EDDYE hosts the full theatre production, Dance Mosaics, a 90-minute repertory concert, for audiences between 250-300. EDDYE commissions two guest choreographers per season and has performed works by Stephanie Pizzo, Laurie Eisenhower, Lucia Rogers and Mary Devitt.

Since its creation, the Eisenhower Dance Detroit Youth Ensemble has almost doubled in size and reputation acquiring students from across Metro Detroit. In 2017, the ensemble received top 12 at YAGP Pittsburgh and was selected to compete in the NYC finals. Other performances have included Michigan Youth Arts Festival, Rochester’s Art and Apple festival, collaborations with the Friendship Circle and Pure Existences’ X2 among many performances within Eisenhower Dance Detroit’s main stage concerts.  

This spring, EDDYE is excited to premiere a new full-length production, “The Giving Tree”, based off Shel Silverstein’s popular children’s book. Molly is looking forward to the challenge of bringing a new production to life, as well as, opening the doors to other community outreach programs with this literary-inspired dance production.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Government Agencies, Corporations, Foundations, and Individuals who have helped make Eisenhower Dance Detroit's performances & educational programs possible.

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