Dramatic. Gorgeous. Awe-Inspiring.

ARC is comprised of two long-form collaborations led by Artistic Director Stephanie Pizzo: Surge, with original composition by the internationally known techno artist, Aaron Seigel and an exciting new collaboration with composer Omar Jon Ajluni and New D Media, blending evocative visual imagery and cutting-edge projection with vivid choreography set to a riveting original soundtrack. Through the synergy of light, sound, and movement, the evening will delve into the repressive nature of labels within our society, how they affect our sense of identity, and what it means to overcome the judgements that challenge us from revealing who we really are.

Approximately 90 minutes in length with intermission. Available for touring in Fall 2018.



Humorous…reaching…heartfelt… Eisenhower Dance Detroit presents an evening of exhilarating dance reflecting on our ever-present need for human connection, whether full of joy, longing, or the endless flow of questions that comes with trying to understand one another. Experience the awe-inspiring dancers of Eisenhower Dance in a program that includes works by Artistic Director, Stephanie Pizzo, Joshua Manculich and Founding Artistic Director Laurie Eisenhower.

Approximately 90 minutes in length with intermission. Available for touring in Spring 2018.



Eisenhower Dance Detroit presents The Light Show, a visually striking evening of dance that cleverly pairs four choreographers with four lighting designers. Incorporating unique lighting design in each work, the result is an evening of electrifying imagery and movement that reflects on life and human relationships. Ask about the audience participation feature, community outreach and education components, and lobby “lighting fair”!

This production was co-commissioned by the Detroit Opera House and Wharton Center for the Performing Arts. Approximately 1 3/4 hours in length with intermission. Available for touring in Fall 2017. 


Common Ground

Choreography by Edgar Zendejas
Music: Recomposed by Max Richter—Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Costume Design by Ben-Oni Cortes
Lighting Design by Michael Klaers

Three diverse companies—Eisenhower Dance, Santa Barbara's State Street Ballet and Montreal’s ezdanza—bring classical and contemporary styles together to create something stunningly original. 

Charles Donelan of the Santa Barbara Independent describes it as “choreography that rejects the assumption that dancers on pointe can’t mix with other kinds of movers.” Visionary choreographer Edgar Zendejas was inspired by Max Richter’s recomposition of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and built Common Ground around it. “Interaction with others happens from the moment we are born, always changing and always moving, starting from the new to the old in every relationship,” Zendejas explained. “In Common Ground, we explore the change of seasons within each one of us.” Zendajas has accomplished that in his choreography by showcasing the uniqueness of each company individually and in unison, with the stage shared by all three, creating a new vision through the common language of dance.

The evening-length program also features dances by each individual company, including Canvas by choreographer William Soleau, set to an original composition by Chris Fossek, master guitarist, composer, and top-ten Billboard recording artist. Soleau describes the piece as “music and dance layered like paint on a canvas. In Fossek’s composition, the colors of the guitar take the dancers through an emotional journey of human interactions.”

Available for touring 2017-18. Approximately 2 hours in length including  intermission.

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          We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Government Agencies, Corporations, Foundations, and Individuals who have helped make Eisenhower Dance Detroit's performances & educational programs possible.

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